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Hip hop is made through {bboying}, emcing, deejaying, and graffiti Hip hop is not being black, rap or a gangster or nune of that shitno matter what the media says . rap is in element of hiphop, bboying is an element and all thing things said above. Hip hop first started during the 1970s in the south bronx where dj kool herc first created the genre of hip hop music and thus because of this new innovated music the art of bboying was formed and it expanded to many new levels of Hiphop. The most immportant and true purpose of hiphop is the promotion of peace and unity and that si the true definition of Hip Hop
no need for examples. nuff said above to understand hiphop

Remember breakdance is a media term and it is refered as a dance, it is an art, the art of bboying.
by BBoy Sigma December 13, 2005

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