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Norton Antivirus is the pinnacle of stupidity and annoyance. First developed with the intention of making its users reach the peak of insanity.

It comes installed with your newly bought PC, which already makes your PC worthless.

Even when "uninstalled", it intends to hide in your registry just to scare the living shit out of you when your PC crashes.

Worst program ever created. Takes up too many resources on your PC. Whoever this Norton guy is, I hope he's dead.
Sorry, you have to pay for Norton Antivirus to supposedly protect your PC, which is obviously BS.
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
The science of the examination and analysis of the human body, especially hot chicks.
Guy: Damn, check out the anatomy of that fine lady!
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
A large land-dwelling mammal that has remained within the boundaries of underground hip hop, and master of the 4 elements of Hip Hop, BBoy, MC, DJ, and Tagger.

This is a true beast that spits true history and knowledge of hip hop, which is now decaying due to the media.

Spits better than Lil Wayne and 50 Pesos.

He does not conform to mainstream. True people of hip hop got mad respect for this dope cat.
Damn! It's Hiphopopotamus!
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
Threading is a often a footwork tech done by bboys and bbgirls in the dance of bboying. It creates an illusion as if some part of the body is being continually threaded.

There are many variations to threading. First, threading can be done in toprock, footwork, and freezes. Second, threading can be done with any body part and even clothes, creating the effect of twisting and bending the body into abnormal positions, or to revert back into the starting position.

Threading in footwork is often used as a transition move in order to get into another move. Threading is also common in freezes, often combined with airchairs and handstands.
Lilou, a famous French BBoy, is known for his skills in threading.

Set with threading:
Toprock > 6 step > thread > 3 step > Airchar w/ threading legs
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
The act of calling a dragon, with many purposes.

The dragon call is a deadly art passed down from generation to generation of Asians. This act takes many years to master, and is often the cause of death due to inexperience of use.

Though, there are few masters of the legendary dragon call living to this day.

Often categorized within the ninja arts, it is possibly the most deadly, efficient, and bad-ass ninjutsu summoning technique to date.

Usually done by the Asian race in order to seek revenge upon others who have undermined them.

This is done by clasping the hands together to form a "hollow sphere" and is then blown into through the thumbs to create a sort of whistling noise.

This can be done in different tones and notes to achieve various tunes, which determine the type of dragon summoned.

In conclusion, don't mess with asians.
I've done the dragon call before and I'm Asian. Trust me, it works.

Famous Asians have supposedly mastered this kickass art, most notably Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan.
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
Drops are another category of moves within the dance of BBoying.

Drops provide are meant to provide smooth transitioning from toprock to footwork.

Common foundational drops are the knee drop, corkscrew, and front and back sweeps.

Drops can also be categorized as suicides. Suicides are moves where the dancer literally drops onto the ground in a seemingly painful way, but are painless if done correctly.

Common suicide drops are the coin drop and pencil drop.

Suicide drops also provide transitioning from one move to another. A BBoy can suicide into another move.
Sets with drops:
Toprock > Knee Drop > Footwork

Toprock > Coin Drop > Baby Mills
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
c4 minus one.

What the military uses when they're too cheap to buy c4 explosive

Also known as a plastic explosive
c4 - 1 = c3
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008

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