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Typically known as a Sportster. It's a vehicle NOT meant for men. It is the equivelant of a Geo Tracker. If you were to ride a cunt bike alone, then other people would wonder why you didn't take the time to let your boyfriend ride bitch, so he wouldn't have to take the bus to the Gay Bar that he works at. See also, Ninja 250.
Jimmy dumped his cunt bike while his boyfriend was giving him a handjob.
#sportster #ninja 250 #mopeds #fags #pointless
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
Typically to at least a 1/4" by 5" line of cocaine or better.
After I followed that chick in to the bathroom, she floored me when she pulled out a System
#systemize #gack out #blow rails #ski #do some ropes
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
An alcholic beverage consisting of 3 or more shots in a 16 ounce glass. Must in be done in repetition until you are unable to drink anymore. You will achieve tasting when you have blacked out and pissed all of your friends and girlfriend off. Possible results are including, but limited to, arrest, cheating, fights, money lost in casinos, and STDs.
After a few tastes last nite, I woke up in Clark County Jail.
#booze #boozing #drinking #drink #swill
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
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