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3 definitions by BBV4LYFE

Slang for powder cocaine. Derives from cocaine's status as the "pharaoh" of narcotics, and its use by the wealthy.
Wow, Yvesaint's mother won't approve of him snorting that line of Tutankhamen off that stripper's tatties.
by BBV4LYFE February 09, 2007
To call a large bet in a live poker game, often with marginal holdings. Derived from both how the word "call" sounds when pronounced with a heavy Asian accent, as well as stereotype that such Asian poker players have a propensity for such "hero calls."
Kenny Tran: "You got dem pocket sevens? I CAW YOU!"
by BBV4LYFE November 22, 2007
A large, heavy turd. So named for the "t" that starts the word "turd" and the "explosion" it creates upon hitting the toilet water. T-bombs are often the result of massive consumption of constipation-causing foods, and they are often referenced in tandem with a city that has famously been bombed (Hiroshima, Baghdad, etc).
"I knew I shouldn't have drank that case of beer. I just dropped a five megaton t-bomb on my toilet and now it looks like Dresden!"
by BBV4LYFE March 03, 2008