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A child who outwardly appears like an adult -- conventionally this means a full grown male that acts immaturely, or pursues childish interests. For example, it's acceptable to play games like World of Warcraft, but it's generally unacceptable to spend twelve hours a day doing so and/or attending conventions.

Manchildren, of course, are not limited to gamers. There are many types and variants of 'not-quite-men, but look-like-men.'
Dude, I swear that manchild's a furry or something.

You know the guy, always lies about getting laid and wears that Tasmanian Devil tie.
by BBBS June 12, 2007
Spam -- Special Purpose Atypical Meat is a product originating from Hormel Foods. Spam is a combination of chopped pork and ham of unknown cuts and contains 90% meat, the remaining amount being made up from mostly water and also a great deal of chemicals, especially those containing sodium -- giving Spam its unique or more accurately, 'atypical' nature.

Special Purpose Atypical Meat should be utilized when other meats are unsuitable -- this includes comedy purposes, camp buffets and when all other meats can be specifically excluded.

At the time of writing it is not known what the nutritional contents of Spam are, as it doesn't say on the package, thus adding to its legendary 'atypical' status. Truly the mystery meat of ages.
Spam - the original mystery meat
Spam - now with added sodium
Spam - limited edition with the great exotic flavor of black pepper
by BBBS July 30, 2007
Fuck. Just a way of toning down a word.
Star me Kitten - R.E.M.
Star Star - Rolling Stones
by BBBS January 31, 2007
This song is simply about getting drunk or otherwise wasted--there are also connotations of antisocial behavior and violence in the video, and as always with the Prodigy, also in the character and style of the song. Whilst not specifically focusing on spousal abuse, there is an obvious and controversial reading where the phrase and entire song are about nothing more than striking a women.

In England, where the song originates from, 'smack' is common slang for heroin, although contemporarily can refer to any intoxicant.
Smith: Miles, would you care to join one in the conservatory for armagnac and fine cigars?

Miles: Homes, Smack My Bitch Up.
by BBBS January 02, 2007
Beards refer to the typical appearance of scifi nerds, star trek nerds, anime nerds... fat, piggy-eyed, giant, unkept beard, bottle-lens glasses, star trek uniforms, wheezy, asthmatic, etc. So, when someone refers to a beard, they are referring to some form of nerdy discussion, the longer the beard, the more knowledgable the person is typically being.
Check out that guy's beard, I bet he has Lara Croft bedsheets.
by BBBS June 27, 2006

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