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A person formally known as joe, but wants a cool nickname
"Hey have you seen joe-wee anywhere?"
"yeah over there!"
by BB Butters October 29, 2006
An "Islic" is a person who has just pissed you off, or done a retarded thing.
Dave Says: Dragonforce Are Shit.
Joe Says: STFU You Islic.
by BB Butters January 27, 2007
A Mcphail is someone who plays guitar in a band and loves iron maiden. They also have to have long black hair and play guitar. Also wear t shirts with no sleeves so you come across as hard.
Kern in badminton lessons when he plays guitar with badminton racket, whilst wearing a sleevless t shirt, and he has long black hair.

At that current moment, Kern is a mcphail.
by BB Butters October 29, 2006

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