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The act of completely ruining someone for no good reason than to make yourself feel better about your shitty ass life. Cheating, lying, and degrading are common characteristics. No person in the world is good enough for "The Burkle" except for the Burkle himself.
That asshole pulled a "Burkle" when he broke he cheated on his girlfriend with his ex and then dumped her for a completely different slut.
by BB April 14, 2005
to fuck
"i'm tryin to gun"
"i'm gunnin her"
by bb June 24, 2004
Created at Mentor College Geography class. It is used as a positive adjective.
That cron is snoob
Dodge Vipers are snoob
Csinos is snoob
Southern states prospering from crops, is snoob
by BB March 19, 2005
A chop shop sales gig where they hire 200 dumb college graduates to wear headsets and cold call real workers all day. They give you free pizza to make you so fat that you dont want to leave because you are ugly. They pay shit
I got a call from CDW for a job today, they said all I need is some college course work completed.
by BB April 14, 2005
(Also "rainbow babies") Children by the same mother, but of fathers of different races.
Yeah, she's got one of those rainbow families - kids every color of the septic tank.
by bB March 22, 2005
A person you pretend to like, but really only use them for sex and other sexual pleasures.
Maaaaan, Troy so used Casey as a fuck buddy and for buffering
by BB April 28, 2004
a fake sport in which men in tights get to play with each other in front of a large audience
all that wrestling on tv is for losers and homos that think they're tough because they watch it
by BB May 15, 2005
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