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2 definitions by BAd Bitch

When a gurl/boy is all on a gurl/boys jock. They really tryna git wit this person an they jus aint stuntin dem.
Brianna "OOO det nigga iz fyne!!"

Xperiesha "I kno!!!"

Jordan "I dnt want nietha one of yall hoes. Damn yall jockin a nigga!!"

by Bad bitch April 19, 2008
18 14
A dirty skeeze who has gonorrhea, syphilis, mono, herpes, chlamidia, and AIDS all rolled into one nasty ass STD.
Hey bitch don't fuck with him he has GONASYPHIMONAHERPACLAIDS and they don't make a shot for that. You are just screwed!
by BAd Bitch January 09, 2013
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