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when your getting ready for a night out and your fully dressed up,hair and make up and everything - looking your best.
"Look those girls are fully teased up tonight!
by BAbsy June 21, 2006
code for purple sanatry towel, given by my old teacher who found one and thought it was a purple purse
"who has dropped their wee purple purse"
by BAbsy June 21, 2006
Teased - to tease oneself up. When going on a big night out you get fully teased up , hair,clothes,make-up all done perfectly.
"look those girls look fully teased tonight"
by BAbsy June 21, 2006
1. 3rd nipple
2. name for plumpton
"omg look at his lovely nubs"
by Babsy March 26, 2008
1.When someones walking down the street and they feel really nice
2. When your out with your friends looking to pull
3. When someones teased themselves up real nice
1. "Look over there shes percolating"
2."come on bridge, lets percolate"
3."im well percolating tonight"
by BAbsy June 21, 2006

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