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Adjective: The equivalent of being a pile of errant feces while intoxicated. Also is attributed to someone who has had too many substances in their body over a prolonged period of time; i.e, Mcdonalds, alcohol, magical mushrooms, acid, etc.
Flammang: Get up off the couch you sloppy pile of shit.

Chris: No im trying to rest, ive had a long day.

Flammang: Doing what! You don't even have a job!

Chris: I drank a handle of Carlo Rossi last night......

Flammang: You really are a bag of shit. A SLOPPY PILE OF SHIT.
#slop #train wreck #depression #muck #shit bag.
by BASEDLIFE November 13, 2011
Noun: The act of being homeless, i.e laying in an alley to rest. Caused by the ingestion of too much liquor or other substance such as marijuana, crack, pcp, etc.
Joel: Damn look at River sleeping there he is homelessing again....

River: Leave me alone im tired and need to sleep

Joel: River! This is where you have been sleeping the last three weeks!

River: I,ve lost all communication with the outside world. Now give me a hit, homeslessing is the new trend in this day and age.
#homelessing #hobo #vagrant #sloppy pile of shit #river rat
by BASEDLIFE November 11, 2011
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