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Brian Hugh Warner
Born January 5, 1969
A famous eclectic
artist, head of band by with name that was formed in 1989. He is currently dating Evan Rachel Wood who was born September 7, 1987
His autobiography is called "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" I suggest everyone who loves or hates him should read it.
'I'm becoming what I used to be afraid of. When the whole world wants to destroy you, everyday is your last day and every performance is your final one. The Antichrist is not just me, or just one person. it's all of us, a collective state of mind that America needs to have awakened in them. I want to wake it in them. That's the purpose of this tour, maybe even my life, to make Americans realize they don't have to believe in something just because they've been told it all their lives. You can't have someone who's never had sex or drugs telling you it's wrong. Only through experience can you determine your own morality. Humanity isn't about constantly having to seek forgivness for being human; humanity is leading a guiltless existance as an individual. That is Armageddon, because, to Christianity, if you forsake God and believe in yourself, the world is over.'

-pg. 247 of The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell by Marilyn Manson
by B89 July 11, 2008

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