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Alltakenus Thelackofbrainus. Common English is simply "Alltaken." The term is used of lusers who hail from New Zealand with high hopes of taking over the elusive paper clip market. Common things they whine about are America, Dittohead, and the fact that some other feckless island in the south pacific managed to "st0l3d!!!11213$@$!@#$!" their place as "beginning of the world" in timezones. They are known to burn precious national artifacts of your nation like your Flag.
Oh noes!!11#$@oneelven! it's Alltaken!
by B1FF! March 04, 2005
Mac OS X is yet another operating system for bigots and fools to latch on to. Just like windows, linux it's main purpose to get lusers to religiosly follow and purchase the OS and it's accessories.

Mac zealots, like windows and linux zealots are likely to flame you, flame you, and flame you if say anything about their os, positive or negative.

The only difference between Apple and Microsoft is that when Steve Jobs tells you to buy his new product, you do it. When bill gates and croanies tell you, you puke and ridicule. Then steal the interface for "tranformation packs".
Man those lusers really hype that Mac OS X, and that Linux, and that Windows...they all suck!!
by B1FF! March 10, 2005

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