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In much the same way Keyseys defines kisses, Sexy Keyseys correctly identifies the act of asking for a sexual favor. Usually is only asked in the form of a text message, however may be spoken aloud to a significant other. Texting or saying Sexy Keyseys, is regarded as the most polite way to ask for a sexual favor. Sexy Keyseys is not just the act of intercourse; can be used to define fellatio or cunnilingus.
Mans text:

Sexy Keyseys?

Womans text:

No Sexy Keyeys. :(
by B10S September 02, 2010
Verb that correctly defines multiple kisses. Usually a man will send a text message to his significant other with only the word keyseys; by doing so the man is asking for kisses sometime in the near future. By sending such a text, this is regarded as the most polite way to ask a woman for kisses. May also be used by the woman in a reply of text message to confirm or deny said kisses.
Man: Opens his address book in phone and selects the woman he would like to text. Text reads as follows:


Woman: Sends a reply to man with text that reads:


*Note the proper punctuation.*
by B10S September 02, 2010

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