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3 definitions by B100

A melodramatically depressed bro who expresses himself poetically. Listens to Snow Patrol, Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday.
Josh is being such an Edgar Allan Bro, all writing morbid poems on his livejournal about his ex-bro-ho.

Get off your ass, stop writing shitty poems on your LJ, and quit being such an Edgar Allan Bro!
by B100 February 12, 2008
Semen-stained jeans, usually worn by a man, though women have been known to be stained as well. Characterized by faint white splotches, and much more easily identifiable under a blacklight.
You can tell that Buzz is addicted to jerking it because of his splotchy protein jeans!
by B100 September 23, 2009
Slang for major as in university studies.
"Im lookin to change mai maj."
"Only a bitch would have a theatre maj."
"Yo wutcha maj?"
"Barschool has the maj for you!" (It is commonly used in university advertisements to attract young hipsters)
"yo your maj sucks" (commonly used to diss others majors)
by B100 December 03, 2007