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Human being whom experiences a lack of sexual intercourse.

A bonehead, dumb ass, shit brick often referred to as bitch by Chris.

Excessive vomiting while smoking bud.

Person whom often views "The Goat."
Kane rarely bones anything but your mum.

"Hey shit brick why'd you fall down in the shower...Stupid douche. You wrecked my curtain."

"Hey Kane Bone...THE GOAT!!! How many times do I get to kick you in the balls now?"

by B0uncer January 29, 2009
*someone who touches little boys in the name of god
*someone who thinks because they can make up rules that people will follow cause the catholic church is the antichrist and no one wants to admit it, he is better than others
*false teacher
*spawn of the devil
read the bible.......
what the fuck do you have to confess to a man (a priest) all the shit you do wrong last i checked we are all human
read the news there is bound to be a story or two of a priest touching a little boy
by b0uncer January 29, 2009

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