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v. To make an attractive girl your pseudo girlfriend without officially giving her the title of girlfriend, or making her wifey, due to character flaws or imperfections in appearance.

n. The opposite of a wifey chick. Just a girl you would spend time with and fuck, but if someone else wants em all they gotta do is offer her more playin' time and give up a couple of their 1st round chicks n it's what ever.
1st person: "Damn that girl is hot as shit, look at that ass!"

2nd person: "Yeah she aight, i mean i wouldn't make her wifey, but i'd Franchise tag that bitch fosho."
by B.ceeders August 11, 2010
To have sex with a girl before others have the opportunity, thus forever leaving your mark on the girls psyche and creating the igloo for future Eskimo brothers
Person 1: "Bet 5 i tag-that-bitch before schools out"
by B.ceeders August 11, 2010
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