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A Beer Pong Champion. "BPC" Undefeated in Beer Pong, or someone with many wins. Also could be someone with the initials BP who is very good at Pong.
"bra you are a BP CHAMP!"
"I know man."
by B.Parks Production September 04, 2007
Someone that is a bitch and you just owned them. Whether that be in a sport or in anything else.
"You just got bitch owned!"
by B.Parks Production September 04, 2007
When a person is extremely craving some pussy from a bitchy woman. AKA the beach refers to the Bitch. Heat is the craving of the bitchy snatch.

This can also mean if a man wants to have sex with any girl, but doesn't want to form a relationship. As the saying goes. "I just want to fuck Bitches!" That would be a prime example of Beach Heat! Random outtings of fucking pleasure!
"Dean has got some Beach Heat tonight."
"Because he just wants to fuck some bitches!"
by B.Parks Production November 06, 2007
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