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Just like it sounds, two in the front, five in the back (child seats not required but accepatable).
Preferred by soocer milfs. (Bong...)
I was at a soccer game the other day, and I walked up to your mother and ripped off her mom's jeans, and proceeded to put two fingers in her worn-out five kid puss and gave her other orfice (her gaping asshole) a heavyweight prize-fighter knockout punch. The minivan!
by B.I.G. Brown September 25, 2006
Nickname of Dickson, TN, a mid-size, rural/factory town. Notorious for its seedy underground of drug culture. Also known as the Dirty Dope City, Dirty Dope, and Dope County.
In Dope City, all there is to do is sit around and smoke dope.
by B.I.G. Brown August 20, 2007

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