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A creature that is so crazy and lost in his or her own world that they can't help but stick bike pumps up their ass and and force themselves to fart frantically and fanatically all over the carpet in front of most of his good friends. This person lost his mind a long time ago and at times can be perceived as having Asperger's syndrome (Having/Enjoying very random interests obsessive). These creatures are always right in their own world and no man or living entity can change their mind. Their fathers kill goblins for a living or sometimes work as computer programmers, it depends. But in the end, be careful of these long/wild haired creatures for they will carry multiple diseases from fucking multiple autistic creatures....
Jarggle; A creature mixed an mutated with goblin, orc, dragon, unicorn, marty, oger, hippo, giraffe, crocodile, wizard, becky, chinchilla, horse, zebra, rino, frog, kangaroo, possum, lizzard, dog, cat and midget blood...

They have an obsession with long boards....
by B.I.G BAUM March 04, 2012
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