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3 definitions by B.DeVINE

The ability to create and/or heighten sexual pleasure through literature.
I read the most sensual series of erotic short stories last night. I was all alone in my literoticism until my husband came home, then I made love to him just like the main character did in the stories. It was hot and heavy like we were writing a story of our own!
by B.DeVINE December 08, 2012
The infusion of smooth melodic sounds with intimacy-based spoken word, basically it is Erotica set to music.
I heard this song on the radio that talked about a threesome in such detail it was like watching or listening to a dirty movie, like pornetry. It made me hot & Ooh, I loved every second of it.
by B.DeVINE December 15, 2012
A genre or type of music that infuses smooth melodies with intimacy-based lyrics. To put it mildly, it is Erotica set to music.
I heard this sexy song that talked about a three way in such detail, it was like Pornetry.
by B.DeVINE December 08, 2012