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(adj) Can-dee-band-it
An individual from ages 11 through 15 who believes drugs and drinking are cool and does them and/or talks about them constantly. The person will probably not have ever actually attempted the certain substance, and is completely wrong when discussing it because their in-experienced, but lies anyway. An over eager younger child striving for attention of their older peers. Noisy, obnoxious younger kids, who attempt to act like their teenagers when in perspective they haven’t even hit the 5 foot marker yet, and come off as loud, annoying, and not comprehending what their even trying to do.
Person- "So I'm going to play beer pong..are you coming?"
Person-"Bro, you had 3 beers...you're an asshole."


Person- "I just sold that kid a dimebag for 30 dollars"
Person2- "Lmao Must've been a candy bandit."
by B.B. TKWC November 07, 2006
A tag originated in 2006 from a line in an Conor Oberst,
Bright Eyes song, TKWC stands for The Kid With the

Although there are replacements of what the
C can stand for. It's mostly used in accordance with
hustling, slinging, or doing a excessive amount of drugs
or chemicals. Also when involed with certain activites it
benefits by being safer to say instead of some obvious
supashady line.

Occasionally a person will refer to
themselves as a TKWC regardless they are a poser or
candy bandit & do not meddle in illegal loot antics.
Normally it used properly and at the right times within
More importantly outsiders will have no idea what your
talking about, & usually in fear of feeling stupid will not ask
the full word or realize the abreviation. So it's mint.
"How did you just get 200 dollars within 2 hours?"
'I Tkwc-ed that shit.'

'Like my new kicks bro?'
"Dude you have no job, where do you get this cake."
'I have a job, I'm the Tkwc.'
"Is that like..similar to Express or something?"
by B.B. TKWC May 29, 2009

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