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5 definitions by B. Smith

getting so drunk you take out your agressions on someone by laying stomach down on their bed and pissing only to leave before they get back.
After what Dan had pulled earlier that day Brian's only option was to phantom piss all over Dan's bed.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
5 1
Being extremely drunk generally accompanined by puking.
Brian got so schmammalhammed last night that he threw up all over.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
5 2
Being significantly drunk.
Did you guys see Brian last night he was totally schmammed.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
4 2
A cartoon created in Dearborn Michigan in 2003. Rollerskatinghippo was created by Brian Adam and Greg. It's about this hippo who works at a cheesesandwhich factory...what more can I say.
Brent's favorite cartoon is rollerskatinghippo.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
9 8
the first level of getting drunk, hammed equates to being tipsy.
After 3 shots Brian began to feel a little hammed.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
1 5