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a.k.a. Sliders. A greesy late night mini-hamburger, most likely purchased from White Castle, usually causing severe pelvic discomfort and bowel instability when consumed.
Man, I'm drunk and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get laid, let's go get some rectals!
by B. Miller October 22, 2003
A healthy boner and/or erection.
Dude, I totally got a field grimace when I watched Thora Birch take her shirt off in American Beauty.
by B. Miller October 22, 2003
A field goal in the game of American football.
Al Del Greco just kicked a game-winning field grimace!!
by B. Miller October 22, 2003
Pooper sex.
Man, I was laying pipe with this one nasty chick last night and she farted and cried at the same time.
by B. Miller October 22, 2003

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