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3 definitions by B. Ligerati

The internal or external manifestation of relief felt upon learning the object of one's sexual attraction is above the age of consent.
Bob heaved a statutory sigh upon learning that Kate was 20 even though she looked 16.
by B. Ligerati January 10, 2008
6 0
The disappointment felt upon learning that becoming independently rich is no easy matter (after author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki).
When will Bob tell us how to build those damn pipelines? This sure is Kiyosucky.
by B. Ligerati January 11, 2008
7 3
To have someone place you in a bad situation immediately after they have expressed sympathy for your circumstances.
They said to me, "Now Paul, I know you're going to starve if we sack you, but unfortunately the budget won't allow for us to keep you." I sure got sympathy fucked.
by B. Ligerati January 11, 2008
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