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The REAL HU! Founded in 1868 as Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, to prepare promising young African-American men and women to lead and teach their newly-freed people. In 1878, Hampton established a formal education program for Native Americans.
Hampton University, a dynamic, progressive institution of higher education, is a privately-endowed, non-profit, non-sectarian, co-educational, historically black university.Hampton University is a community of learners and educators. It is a place that will challenge your intellect and nurture your spirit; broaden your outlook and expand your opportunities. A place where you can meet people from a diversity of backgrounds and establish friendships that last a lifetime. HU's strong roots reach deep into the history of this nation and the African-American experience.

As a student who attends Hampton University I personally love the school and think it was the best choice I have made. Its rules although at first seem overly strict are helpful in the transformation from child to adult. hampton prepares its students in how to suceed in the world!
Hampton University is known as one of the Ivy League schools of the HBCU.
by B. L. Pennywell December 25, 2006

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