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A place where hippies gather to play frisbee, slack-line, play hacky-sack, and play guitar (poorly). Usually found on or near college campuses. Most often a green area with trees surrounded on all sides by pavement, thus it becomes like a terrarium for hippies. A hippirarium can most often be found by the stinky odor of "hippie smell".
I almost got hit by a rogue frisbee when I walked by the hippirarium on the way to class.
by B. Adams April 24, 2007
The stain left on the balls and schaft of the penis from menstrial blood. Often a result of sex with a bleeding woman's vagina.
You stained my balls with your bloody vagina blood, now I have a vein stain.

That girl gave me a nasty vein stain! It was great.
by B. Adams February 26, 2007
The act of tenderizing your meat before dinner.
Injecting "flavor" into meat before eating it.
"Wow this is good meat what is it?"
"Oh It people, I believe its called Sara."
"How did you get it/her so tender and yummy?"
by B. Adams March 23, 2007
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