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11 definitions by B.

The correct spelling of "Farsi"
by B. October 19, 2003
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A modification of the Hoover sex position, where you push your lover down a loading ramp, grating her face. Thus it is called: the cheese grater.
At work we finished loading the truck, so I showed Tara the cheese grater.
by b. August 19, 2004
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Any word in Pharsi
boosh boosh boosh boosh
translation: I'm brown.
by B. October 19, 2003
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1. the FAB 5
2. five of the coolest girls you'll ever meet
3. LHYMCA crew that will always be tight
4. a group of friends that have an awesome time no matter what
5. Nene, Liz, B, Rae, Beca
There is always fun in store when your amongst the SLORES. You know how we do...
by B. February 05, 2004
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