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A ho sucks your dick while you take a shit.
After that blumpey I felt daaamn good; I lost my spunk and my shit at one sitting!
by B-Town May 12, 2003
The hairy area on a woman between her legs that leads from her vag to her butthole. Origin: Kaziff it weren't there you'd be eatin' that asshole, not that pussy!
I followed that kaziff all the way to that pooty-tang.
by B-Town May 07, 2003
A rancid ancestry, eg. a kid whose family tree doesn't fork has quite a rancestry.
Thanks to yo' rancestry, you got 12 toes.
by B-Town May 12, 2003
A sweaty ass. Also, see swanus.
It's so damn hot out here I got a mean case of swectum.
by B-Town May 07, 2003
Dead Center ButtHole Itch. Everyone gets it!
Man, fucking DCBHI ruined my date!
by b-town November 05, 2004
Named for an annoying wannabe kid who never gets invited to go places, but always seems to show up anyway. Because he can find his "friends" anywhere, even if they go to great lengths to exclude him or go places that they think he'll never find them, he is thought to have an extrasensory advantage in locating others.
"So I went to the mall with Joe the other day and Nick showed up. It was like he was waiting for us!"
"Yeah, he does that all the time. He's got GPS."
by B-Town June 01, 2004
An old man's nasty-ass testicle; Festicles=A festering pair of old balls.
I'm sorry Grandpa, but noone's touched your filthy festicles in 27 years.
by B-Town May 12, 2003
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