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Skateboarders often call there own sport an "extreme" sport, when there is nothing extreme about it. When your walking up town and you see someone skateboarding nine times out of ten all you see them do is push themselves around on a piece of wood and fall. They attemt tricks that are not even at great hieghts or great speed. They will generally fall which results in a lot of bitching and moaning. The occasional throwing of a chunk of wood around as if they land that trick all the time with there eyes closed. Lots of time you will see them jump and spin there board out of control as if it is a trick. Also,when is the last time you've ever seen a skateboarder doing something life-threatening? They can say that stupid "mega-ramp" thing all they want but even a unicycle could jump that high if you gave it a big enough ramp. I'm tired of them saying that there "sport" is the best sport out there and nothing else compares to it, when in fact there wrong. It puzzles me that out of all the extreme sports, skateboarding, is the most popular. My guess is that very few have the balls to try something dangerous/creative like blading, BMX, and others. Skateboarding is just for those who can't do anyhthing big so instead they just spin around there piece of wood a foot off the ground and call that the greatest sport?
"Hey look at that hunk of shit rolling towards us, oh no wait thats just a pack of skateboarders"
#skateboarding #sucks #pansies #punks #losers
by B-rent15 September 26, 2007
Probably one of the dumbest sports made. A piece of wood being thrown around a foot off the ground isn't much of a "sport" to me. Cheerleading is more of a sport than this pathetic excuse of a sport. And will someone please tell me the logic behind the name. What part of skateboarding involves "skate" or "skating".? I mean i get the boarding part cause there on a board but in no way does this sport closely resemble skating. I'm from Canada and I'm pretty sure I know what skating looks like and thats the farthest thing from it. They should change the name to woodpusher, it would make a lot more sense.
"I want to try a sport where it requires little intelligence and any pansy can do, so i started skateboarding"
#dumb #gay #sucks #skateboarders #woodpusher
by B-rent15 September 26, 2007
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