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1. To smack one's gangles. The action of smacking a cock. Like a cock smack, but involving balls.

2. When your nuts slap a vagina or an ass.

3. Also used as an insult.
1. Todd's back-hand turned in to a violent gangle smack.

2. My balls are sore from gangle smacking last night.

3. Sometimes, I think you are the biggest gangle smack I have ever met.
by B-rent April 07, 2004
1. Big dangling balls
His jangle junk makes his cock look small.
by B-rent April 08, 2004
a man? with a penicl that can be used to write on paper or other white objects not black ones unless its a super duper gangster white penicl that write on black things like sreggin
i have a pencil man its so awsum i can write with it its like the shit homie
by b-rent December 19, 2004

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