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A woman (or possibly a man) who will talk to a guy at a bar, flirting and giggling and what-not, because they are either trying to score free drinks (consciously or subconsciously) or are so insecure that they believe talking to a guy they would normally never sleep with and taking their free drinks is a good esteem booster. Generally the drink slut is the one that says the Jonah Hill quote "I got so drunk last night, I shouldn't have slept with that guy." To sum it up, the drink slut is a deceptive con artist that uses men.
Guy to another guy: "Dude last night, that chick I was pumping drinks into had no idea how hot she is."

Other guy: "Nah man, she knew, she was a drink slut."
by B-rellie August 06, 2011
The acclaimed pornographic film by rookie film maker Bert B-rellie starring ladies of the night in Atlantic City. Plot points include hookers pooping and urinating onto a camera in a porta-potty to old men having sex with hookers in porta-potties, as well as a gang bang scene in the bathroom of the Tropicana where there are hookers pooping and urinating while other hookers are having intercourse with old married men. SPOILER: The film ends with a man hugging a toilet in Tropicana after the Atlantic City police caught him doing cocaine off the seat. It is believed this is an ending setting up the sequel about male hookers in johns, but details are uncertain.

Hookers in Johns is purely fictional, it is not a documentary.
Hookers in Johns is setting the film industry on fire!
by B-rellie August 06, 2011
The drinking game in which a person with a full cup of beer (generally cans or bottles are not as effective) sits in a computer chair or preferably a taller chair (maybe one at a bar or kitchen counter) that spins 360 degrees. The chair is spun as fast at their friends can spin it, and the drink is then chugged while spinning. Meanwhile all the other people in the room are yelling or cheering or whatever to amp up the level in the room. The person is allowed to get up from the aforementioned chair when the beverage is fully consumed, but the chair is not allowed to be stopped until the beverage is consumed as well.
We played spin and chug last night. It was awesome.
by B-rellie August 06, 2011
Semen that is ejaculated because of a slut.
Yeah baby, swallow that slut sauce.
by B-rellie August 06, 2011
A Malibu Bay Breeze.
I need to go get that chick some slut sauce at the bar.
by B-rellie August 06, 2011

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