1 definition by B-radC 2012

1. having an unrelenting, sometimes irrational, hate for something. Very over the top.

2. power tripping and wielding that power, usually fucking you or another person over

3. in usage, can be gauged on a personal scale. ie. footlong, veiny boner= a lot of hate vs. half-mast boner=sort of hate/average dislike.

1. Dude... That Hitler fella had a huge hate boner for the Jews. And the Gypsies. And the Slavs.

2. Person 1: How'd you feel about those questions the prof asked you?

Person 2: Maaaannnn.... They were terrible. That prof has a raging hate boner for me.

3a. I seriously hate that guy. I'm talking veiny, viagra fueled, never-ending hate boner.

3b. Person 1: Seriously, I have a raging hate boner for that douche.

Person 2: Meh, I'm only at half-mast hate boner for him. Closer to that "seeing an ugly chick naked" semi-chub of a hate boner.
by B-radC 2012 February 17, 2010

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