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Slang term for Ecstasy, name given because of the images commonly ingraved on E pills that can look like Lucky Charms.
Brad: Dude, I need to get bouncing, pass me some Lucky Charms.

Bro #1: This club is gonna be kick ass.
Bro #2: Yeah but I need to get my shit going.
Bro #1: Well, reach into the pot o' gold and pop some Lucky Charms.
by B-more Bro April 16, 2007
Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Baltimore City (the heroin capital of the world) that is populated by the highest population of heroin dealers and users in the city.
Damon: I'm outta dope man, I'm heading down to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Damon's Friend: Watch out down there, don't get your ass capped.

by B-more Bro April 10, 2007
Possibly the most Jewish name in the world only fit for the most Jewish person in the world.
Chris: Holy crap look at that kid, he's wearing a star of David necklace, he has a perfectly sculpted jew fro, and he is wearing a yamika.
Dan: Yeah his name is definetly Steinschlombergawitzman.
by B-more Bro May 12, 2007
A person that is
1. Incredibly gay or obnoxious
2. Has done something very gay to merit such a name.
"Hey Captain Fagtastic, try not to nigger-lip the bowl so much."
by B-More Bro July 16, 2008
When two Jewish people are together, forming a duo of Jews or a Jewo.
Dave: Whoa look at Matt and Jacob over there.
Steve: Yeah, they are such a jewo.

by B-more Bro April 27, 2007
Friends School of Baltimore is a highly expensive, co-ed prep school that is based upon quaker principles and is located in northern Baltimore City. It contains a student population of around 1,000 that mainly consists of rich, preppy, white kids who drive nice cars, reside in big houses, and live fairly spoiled lives. Student hobbies include binge drinking, parties, lacrosse, weed smoking, and doing excessive amounts of homework. The school is often subject to verbal abuse by other kids because of its gay name.
Kid with stupid parents: My parents are sending me to Friends School because they want me to experience a rigorous and better education while being involved in community full of mainly upper class, rich, preppy white kids. I hope that $17,000 a year they are going to spend is worth it.

Boy: What school do you go to?
Friends Student: I go to Friends School in Baltimore City.
Boy: Hah! Friends School? Are you all friends there?

by B-more Bro March 26, 2007
Stands for The Big Friendly Giant and is a common nickname for your dick.
Travis: So dude, you gonna be putting the moves on Ashley tonight?
Mike: Yeah but all I'll have to do is whip out The B.F.G. and he'll take it from there.
by B-more Bro June 04, 2007
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