11 definitions by B-Town

Eating a pussy while she takes a shit. Female version of "blumpy."
Blumpies are fucking nasty!
by B-Town October 28, 2003
I would assume this means masturbation.
Many people fantasize about a threesome but all they're gettin is a onesome
by b-town September 06, 2003
The flab of skin that covers the penis.
My girl was so scared of my tyzler she refused to suck me until i got circumsized.
by B-town June 05, 2004
It is when your butthole itches, so you run to the bathroom and itch it with some TP. You examen that TP and lo and behold! That little bit of yellow on the TP is a 'pat' of duckbutter. Everyone gets Duck Butter sometimes. Listen, fuck how everyone else defined this word. this is the truth!
Man this duckbutter is making my asshole itch!
by b-town November 05, 2004

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