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A really smelly and toxic smelling poo. Reaks of sickness.
Dude, that stinks in there. Smells like someone made a flu poo.
by B-Rad H January 26, 2009
A man is fucking a women from behind with her head inches away from the wall. If you prefer she can wear a hard hat. Right as your about to cum you give'r one final hammer and push her head through the wall. Her head will either go straight through the or find the 2x4. Either way you know where to hang the picture.
When the doctor asked me how she got the concussion, I just wanted to tell him about my new Stud Finder.
by B-Rad H April 30, 2009
When something really bad tastes so good.
"This kitten sandwich tastes sacradelicious!"
by B-Rad H February 10, 2009
An ambiguous dirty word that can mean almost anything, it really depends on the context it is used.
"I kicked her right in the muffin bucket!"

"Dinner was good, then we came home and we filled the ole' muffin bucket if you know what I mean."
by B-Rad H May 23, 2008

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