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A synonym for the "musical" genre Rap.

A statement made towards a very poor attempt at music, which targets black youth or black youth wanna-bes (wiggers).

Common words found within the lyrics are Nigga, fuck, bitches and hoes.
Common themes are a nigga or niggas, a bitch or hoe or bitches and hoes, drugs, money, rims and cars, fucking/sex/bonin', jewelery, hard times in tough neighborhoods, how "we've been opressed for years" and how "white boys is haterz", and more niggas.
POOR GRAMMAR IS ALSO A COMMON THEME. (i.e. "soulja boy" cannot finish his sentences let alone words in a particular song) It is also common to buy a CD and have half of it blank or bleeped out when they remove "dirty" or "innopropriate" words.

Most rappers have silly nicknames and rap about the same thing on each album they release, often ripping off classic songs by stealing beats, depriving youth with the "new" beat and rhyme from the old classic.

Most Monkey Music, rap, is based on these principles and has a lot of the same lyrical meaning from "Rapper" to "Rapper". Humans do not enjoy Monkey Music. Monkey Music also inspires strange dances like crumpin' it is often very difficult to tell if someone is suffering from a seisure or just crumpin' it up.


Alex: Grab his seisure medication, oh wait hes just dancing...
by B-HIND BLU EiZ July 17, 2009
Describes an undesirable, large or shapely woman who hits on you. You should alert your wingman when you notice a "chunker" to give him fair warning.

In addition to describing a large undesirable woman, chunker also describes ruthless, desperate women. Follow the common Zoo rule, "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS" (not literal food but sex), if you "feed" a chunker she will only come back for more. Thus creating a false sense of love in her mind.

Steer clear of "chunker love" which commonly occurs when one is drunk.

They often have babes as friends, alert your wingman to target the "chunker" so you are home free and score the babe. A common technique commonly referred to as "Chunker Elimination".

Chunker can also refer to men.
Chunker (man) is shallow, very shapely, and very rude.
Steer clear of the "pity fuck", for this will cause a false sense of attraction in his male mind. Most male chunkers will be sport experts.
Alex: Chunker alert!!

Tanner: I'm on it, search and destroy. Ha-ha!
by B-HIND BLU EiZ July 18, 2009

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