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2 definitions by B Peezy

January X is the unknown last day in the month of January, with X simply acting as a variable. It marks the day that the Botamian Prophecy came to fruition, beginning an era supreme rule unprecedented in history. This day has been virtually erased from all documentation and almost all physical sources due to it's controversial nature.

Historians have found remnants of evidence suggesting claim to an extra day in the month of January, but never enough to form a valid argument to prove it's existence. Fragments of memory and information of the day only exist in a select few Botamian ancestors. It is thought that the complete memory of the event has been passed down from generation to generation through a reincarnation of the civilization's greatest ruler, Peezy.
January X is the day that the Botamian ruler Peezy was born.
by B Peezy September 23, 2011
The Botamian Prophecy was a premonition that predicted the exact day and time that the Botamian supreme ruler Peezy was born - January X. It proposed that a savior would fall from sky to guide the weakened civilization, riding on top of a star.

In the premonition, the star crashes into the top of a large Botamian structure, falling through to the middle where moonlight was to dance through the newly created void. The current ruler at the time, along with the villagers, would follow a beam of light that stretched far beyond the clouds.

Based on the brief synopsis of the prophecy, the villagers didn't expect the savior to be a child and quickly grew skeptical of the Prophecy's claims.
Many Botamians abandoned the Botamian Prophecy, believing it was a mere fairy tale.
by B Peezy September 23, 2011