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Once again u cats tried and failed......
Ghost ridin or doin tha Creedy-bo(R.I.P.)
is when u LEAVE the car in gear but u slow down enough to walk or dance next to your car or hop on top of the hood,roof, or trunk and let Casper drive
Brah I seen u on E.14 ghost ridin tha scrape thang

Boi tha sideshow was yankin!!!! Cats was in tha hyphy train ghost ridin and hella shit till them people started comin
by B Hefna April 04, 2008
Straight Outta East Oakland where it all started.......
A scraper is any G.M. car from tha 80's and 90's century,park ave,regal,le saber jus to name a few..Yo shit aint a Scraper till u put that G-thang on some 4's(24 inch rims if u lame)wit hella clap in yo trunk and like 4 coats of paint that make that thang look like a sucked on Jolly Rancher...
For tha record we dont fuck wit them pussy ass whistle tips no more...wake yo game up
A brah u see D in tha 2 tone scraper on them 4's?

U cats beta step ya scraper game up

Al was at bookers hella on one in his new scraper
by B Hefna April 04, 2008
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