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The result of a person going down on a girl on her period. The bloody outline around one's mouth looks like "clown lips".
Uggggghhhh! Did you see Tom's "clown lips"? I guess Jessica is on her period right now. Maybe someone should tell him?
by B*Long (that's my rap name) June 08, 2010
This is the gross mid-day dump following a high in fiber breakfast cereal or granola.
RandALL was in the bathroom for 20 minutes eliminating his bowel of cereal. I almost vomited from the stench. He did not wipe.
by B*Long (that's my rap name) October 28, 2010
When two sexual partners have intercourse after fully shaving their pubic hair about three days prior. Their genitalia resembles two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against each other and the resulting rash is bright red like the Tokyo flag.
Whoa dude, I just found out Andy Richter banged my girlfriend last night! I hope he enjoyed the Tokyo Sandblaster. Asshole.
by B*Long (that's my rap name) November 09, 2010

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