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Amurrica, AKA America, as in the most badass country on the planet. Amurricans shoot first and ask questions later. Amurrica is kickin' ass and takin' names. Land of the free and home of the bravest motherfuckers around. Don't mess with Amurrica, punk!
"Amurrica, FUCK YEAH!, coming again to save the motherfuckin' day."
by B'Jeff December 08, 2011
(fag•o•licious) adjective
~Found to be exceedingly appealing by gay people, a cross between delicious, fag, and fabulous. Most often used to describe an attractive guy.
Steve: Hey Phil, check that guy out!

Phil: Oooh DAMN! He looks Fagolicious!

Steve: MmmHm. He needs to bring some of that over here so I can taste it.
by B'Jeff November 17, 2005
a vocal reaction to suprise sexual contact or touching, also surprise in general, or an expression of good sexual stimulation
Alyssa: (grabs steve's balls)

Steve: GOOOO!
by B'Jeff May 30, 2005
(sue•purr) adjective
~gay related or homosexual in nature, usually used in a positive manner
~also used to describe a person as being gay, as in "Hey, that guy is Super!"

Word was originally associated with gayness by "Big Gay Al" on the show SouthPark.

see also fagolicious, queer
Steve: Hey Tristain, those new thong underwear are SUPER!

Tristain: Oh geez, thanks, I just got them from A&F.
by B'Jeff January 07, 2006

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