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Meaning Fresh As Hell
Damn Dat Boy So "Rigit"
by A~Dub September 11, 2008
Basically Saying U Already Know Wat It Iz
Person 2-Damn I See U Went To Da Mall N Bought A Whole BUncha SHiit U Must Got Paypa...!?!
by A~Dub September 11, 2008
A Signed Rap Group Out Of South Bend Indiana The Artists Are, Mr.Insaine, A~Dub, Y.G, K~WylD, Squirt, N Pooda WIth There Producer D.J. Boss
U Heard Bout Dem Universal Souljaz Gettin Singed I Can See WHy Dey Got SOme Hott Ass Tracks
by A~Dub September 11, 2008

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