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A FW on the SteamPowered Boards
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
by azza November 12, 2004
An FW on the SteamPowered forum Boards

The REAL and original eram from Steampowered

Very l33t.
omg eram just posted ...again.that FW :P
by azza December 03, 2005
smelly egpytian
<@CrAzY-DeViL> i smell
by Azza January 06, 2003
A group of online gamers or lanning gamers who fight as a united group.

Often traced back to there been friends, colleges or just fighting for a common goal such as to be the considered best, to be considered a real gamer and not a noob or just fun
UK Quake never looked better
by azza November 18, 2004
Felces-Definition.Really lame Cheater on CS.no brains and no life.
hey did you see that pile of Felces.he cheated and then was owned
by azza August 10, 2004
Generally slimly challenged as well as mentally retarded, but well endowed where it matters!!! No thats just a poor joke, he is really just a pillock, and a dog-shafter!!!
Holy SMEG batman, it's that ugly aryana again, with the one and only fanny!!!!!
by azza March 18, 2004
A being who appears to be ominipotent! One so full of himself that he is sad enough to put a good definition of hiself rather than the regular DICK HEAD or that SMEGGING SMEGGER
Jesus Christ look at that Aryana, his ass is so flat!!
by azza January 21, 2004

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