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The latest actor Hollywood is raping up the ass. Appears in every other movie this side of Vancouver, particularly as pointless side characters as in 'I-Robot' and 'Indiana Jones'. If this guy is even considered for a second to appear in the next Batman movie, I'll send Warner Brother's my own shit in the mail
Guy 1: Man, how many movies is Shia Labeouf actually in?

Guy 2: At this exact moment, 12. He plays The Joker's pointless friend in The Dark Knight, Benjamin Button's pointless friend in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Jamal's pointless friend in Slumdog Millionaire

Guy 1: Man he's so versatile

Guy 2: I know, his pallete also includes Will Smith's pointless friend in I-Robot and Harrison Ford's pointless sidekick in Indiana Jones
by Azz2801 February 22, 2009

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