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A character played by Tracy Morgan on SNL who's a retarded animal "expert" Just watch it
Yo did you see Brian Fellow's on saturday?? Shit was crazy!
by Ayy Ro May 28, 2005
When a jewish girl looks so hot that you can't explain.
Guy1: Did you see that girl at temple??
Guy2: Yeaa bro, she was mad Jewtiful
by Ayy Ro May 31, 2005
A synonym to a mullet, Where BFPB stands for "Business in the Front, Party in the Back"
Guy 1: Yo, did you see that guy's cracked out BFPB???
Guy 2: Yea, i bet he drinks a lot of beer and goes huntin'
by Ayy Ro May 28, 2005
You're in the tub and there's jus a lil bit of water in there, your girl comes in and you go on top and she's slidin' like a wet soapdish
Yo you hear joey gave that girl a wet soap dish?
by Ayy Ro May 27, 2005
Head of a "government"/terrorist party which was founded for the liberation of a "Palestinian people" (PPS: NONE EXISTED) He is a native of Egypt, and was the reason that peace chances always got fucked up.

see pansy, pussy, terrorist, or even faggot
Yo, do you want to go to the market??

Nah man, Yassir Arafat might try to shoot people up because his fake people with their fake culture want to kill us.
by Ayy Ro May 31, 2005

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