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1 definition by AylaGoddess

Ayla is a word with many meanings, and the key to dozens of personalities in people.

Ayla is both an electro-pop band from Eastern Europe, A coven, beloved cave woman from the novel Ayla of the Bears, Hebrew for Oak tree, Turkish for Moonlight, and "Oh my God!" In a few Indian dialects.

Ayla has also become a popular phrase in some areas for something intreguing, or mysterious.

Ayla is also a popular character from a video game, and the title of a Japanese magazine starring dozens of big-breasted animated women.

Most importantly, Ayla is me.
"I used to love Ayla."

"You are so Ayla sometimes!"

"Ayla have just released a new CD called Nirwana"

"I jack off to Ayla."
by AylaGoddess November 19, 2004