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6 definitions by Ayi Delisi

A term that gay men used in the late 1990s and early 2000s to describe absolutely everything that was of "exceptional quality".
How was that circuit party?
Oh my god, it was fierce.
by Ayi Delisi March 22, 2004
1097 411
The co-host of ABC's "The View". She is a lawyer. She tries to bring insight to legal aspects of a topic on the show, but somewhat ties the topic back to food, or men. Uses the words "Allegedly" "I am a lawyer" "Delicious" for anything you can think of. Hillarious/irritating diva. Millionaire.
"If this pie was the country, one third of that pie would be opposing the president, and the rest of that pie, would be delicious."
by Ayi Delisi April 21, 2004
102 27
Star Jones is one.
Star jones is a behemoth of a woman.
by Ayi Delisi January 18, 2005
66 43
Al Scale Reynolds is the poor guy who is about to marry Star Jones. He unfortunately doesn't know what he is getting into. Star Jones might eat him one day for breakfast or snack.
Al Reynolds! This is a trap! Run away before Star Jones eats you!
by Ayi Delisi August 11, 2004
22 11
Starlet (Star) Jones Reynolds is a lawyer. A diva. A talk show co-host at ABC's The View. Recently got married to Al Reynolds who happens to be a banker and gay. She got corporations to sponsor her recent wedding. She is a pop icon.
I saw Star Jones with Al Reynolds last night at the club. Al started checking out my boyfriend. Star got pissy and sat on Al.
by Ayi Delisi November 19, 2004
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A luxurious gay guy. A gay slang that is used to address a friend without their actual name. This word originated from girl during 1980s and 1990s, and evolved into gurl, girlean, girlena, girletta.
Hi girluxe, how are you?

- I invited all the girluxes to the slumber party, it should be a blast.
- Oh, I know! Can't wait.
by Ayi Delisi April 20, 2004
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