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Hampton roads is the reason why America is America. Jamestown the first sustained settlement in english america Williamsburg the nations first capital and Yorktown ware the english surrendered. Hampton Roads is different from the rest of SoVa because one its more urban and a less unemployment rate, The education here in one of the highest in the country and we are the second richest area in the state (NoVa if the first).
Hampton roads is also called the "7cities" because of its 7 mayjor cities in the area (Norfolk,Suffolk,Newport News,Hampton,Porthsmouth,Chesapeake and Virginia Beach). The area is also the only are in the state that has more than two american major city within a metropolitan area (ie. Norfolk,Virginia beach,Newport news,). Outside of the 7 core cities you have small counties cities such as York county,James city county,Gloucester county,Matthews county,Surry county,Isle of Wight county,the cities of Poquoson,Smithfield,and Williamsburg. Hampton roads recently claim counties in north east North Carolina due to the proximity of the bases(ie. Currituck,Dare,Camden, and Paspotank counties). Besides the San Diego area Hampton roads is the only region with all branch of the military due to the proximity of Washingtion DC. also home of the first NASA program (Langely AFB).
NoVa kid: So your from SoVa sorry your too dumb and poor to Hand with us

SoVa kid: Noo im not from Richmond im From Hampton roads

NoVa kid: Ohhhhhhh Okay never mind your cool now i thought you was from Richmond they are Retarded and poor
by Ayeeanne November 10, 2012
Ok so its funny how all these Northern Virginians can sit here and diss Southern Virginia when honestly they do not what they are talking about. Ok they claim that they have the highest Education in the state BUT! Virginia Beach, Hampton,York county,Williamsburg, and Chesapeake are considered the highest educated schools in America. Also they want to considered us Country when Virginia beach and Norfolk are the biggest cities in the state. They want to play "ohh we got fairfax" fairfax is so small they can't even convert into a city (like Norfolk became independent and became a city and Princess Anne county became Virginia beach). Another thing they want to claim is how we are all unemployed and poor when our military bases control their military bases we basically protect NoVa from terrorist since you know we are the biggest military area in the country. We do have high end government jobs here from harbors, world trade centers, and port authority. Another thing is how we are all country but their are more Native New Yorkers and northern in SoVa than there is in NoVa. Not to mention its more ghetto up there then it is down here most cities in Hampton Roads made the lowest crime list.so before you start judging please learn the facts
NoVa really thinks that they're somebody
by Ayeeanne November 09, 2012

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