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A derogatory term used for Indians, Pakistanis, Bengladeshis (South Asians) who have grown up in the United States and who act "American" (as stupid as that sounds).

See also desi
Salim's kids are SOOOO ABCD they can barely speak Punjabi and think Pasta is the best thing that god gave man since sliced bread.
by Ayaz January 28, 2005
A respectful term for Big Sister. Orig. Urdu (Pakistan/India).

A male homosexual who is regarded with high esteem in the community of South Asian queers.

Popularized by a group of desihomoFOB guys in Boston while referring to a local diva of international stature.
Did you see Aapa's dance at the Masala party? Her drag was so like 70s Bollywood. By the way, Aapa just left for World Social Forum by the way and when she comes back from Brazil, she is going to Pakistan and India via Dubai.
by Ayaz January 28, 2005
Plural for ABCD - an acronym for "American Born Confused Desi". See also FOB
Salim and his brother are such ABCDs, they both call Naan, "Naan Bread".
by Ayaz May 15, 2006
The state of being a homoFOB. The state of loving oneself as a homosexual who is also a FOB or in other words fresh of the boat. Not to be confused with homophobia which has the opposite meaning yet similar sound.
We watched "La Mala Educacion" and then went for Sushi at Gotan's. We dissed ABCDs who think they are IT. Because it were WE homoFOBs who were IT. Then we sat around some bar table in the West Village and sang 70s songs by Noor Jehan and occasionally reminisced about the dialogue in movies like Sorraya Bhopali or Umrao Jaan. All in all, it was a very just a slice of my life full of homoFOBia.
by Ayaz January 28, 2005
Homosexual Fresh of the Boat. Usually refers to (although not limited to) Pakistani or Indian gays, lesbians, transgenders etc, who reside in USA but grew up in Pakistan, India. The term is endearingly used by progressive desi homoFOBs to refer to eachother or themselves.

Coined by Ayaz who is your run of the mill Pakistani Homosexual in New York City while on vacation in Puerto Rico. See also HomoFOBia.
Yeah, a few of us typical homfobs, - three Indians and three Pakistanis - went to Vieques for vacation, listened to ghazals in the car, praised the rain forests, cursed the mainland USA as often as we could, and yes, every day we condemned the US military. Indeed we drank every night too.
by Ayaz January 27, 2005
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