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(Trichocereus pachanoi) is a tall, dark green cactus that contains mescaline. It is native to Peru and Ecuador, but grows in various places. It is most often used as an entheogen, but can be used to treat cardiac disease and high blood pressure. The highest concentration of mescaline is in the dark green layer right under the surface. Although Mescaline became illegal in the 70s, San Pedro is legal to cultivate.
Cooked San Pedro makes you trip balls, but it's a nasty concoction.
by Ayahuasca November 03, 2007
He created and defined Goa, the state of mind.
Goa Gil is my father. He is every Psy person's father.
by ayahuasca November 11, 2007
Psy culture can be defined people who believe that psychedelic experiences can change or have changed their life. He may be a listener, producer of the psychedelic music genre or be a hallucinogen/entheogen user. Psy people can be found all over the world. For those who have never experienced it, open minded and mature people are welcome.
Hippies/neo-hippies not all psy people. Likewise Not all psy people are hippies.
It does not laugh at all of the fuckin emo fags and bitches out there, but it does kick their asses.

Some people can be so assoholic sucky shit

On yahoo answers
Psy person: Does any person here listen to shpongle?
Assoholic sucky shit answer: Yeah, I listen to Spongebob
Psy person: five stars (*****) lolwtfrofl.

Personal experience
EMO girl at work:Ohmigawd Hey like you're growing your like hair like longer. You listen to breaking benjamin too like you know like you listen to rock like punk and shit like thats so cool man coz my ex bf was in a band too you know.
Me: No, I'm just trying to get dreadlocks.
EMO girl: But don't they like kinda like burn your hair???
Me: *walks away*
by ayahuasca November 11, 2007
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