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Worst 2/3/4 years of one's life.Almost all the 7th graders have already lost their virginity,and the ones who didn't are being made fun of.It's a huge hellhole where all your friends leave you for the popular kids,and you find yourself standing alone in a corner with chewing gum in your hair.
A typical 7th/8th grade middle school girl has already had at least 4 boyfriends,whom she claimed to be in love with.They all think they are mature and that they know everything about love and life.Boy,they are so wrong.The popular girls deal with ridiculous drama everyday.They always get into fights over boys.They kill you if they see you wearing the same skirt they wore two days ago,even though all of them wear the exact same style of clothing.Speaking of clothing,a middle school girl is often seen wearing VERY short skirts,slutty tops,stuffed bras and high heels.
2)The BOYS
From the innocent little boys who used to play with cars and dinosaurs,they now play with girls' boobs,smack girls on the ass,smoke crack,dress all 'gangsta' and 3/4 of their vocabulary consists of the terms 'a**,f***,sh**,n*gga'
Ooh,the teachers.In seventh grade,when puberty hits hard and all the drama begins,and so you don't have any more time to study,they get really mad at you for not getting the same results you got in 5th and 6th grade.
Elementary school kid:Yay!I'm going to middle school next year!I can't wait!I'll be all grown up and stuff!
Middle schooler:Riiiiiight.Try and tell me the same thing when you'll be my age
High schooler:Wait 'till you get to high school.
by Ayaan March 17, 2011

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